Luxury curtains, sewing curtains curtains, curtains to order

              We would like to introduce you to our range of products and services we provide within the interior design to satisfy your needs, leading to premium quality, optimal price and complete satisfaction.
               We offer design and installation of curtains, drapes and pelmets with the possibility of mounting rails of your choice and at a professional level, from start to finish (including consultation, ideas, measurements, comparing samples, manufacturing desired products and the assembly). Along with these accessories, we will be happy to provide advice in 3D interior design, with selection and focus on samples to assure your satisfaction.
                 If you are not interested in curtains, we also offer Japanese walls, shades, Duo shades, Plisse shades, horizontal and vertical blinds. All including the whole procedure of measurement, fabrication and assembly, provided with warranty.             


             Furthermore, we provide a collection of luxury bed linen TANIA - it is our outstanding product, that we will sew for you to size and budget, which not only with the design but especially the quality meets the criteria for demanding customer. This bedding is immediately appreciated once you lie down onto it. This pleasant feeling of soft and warm touch can be hardly found anywhere else.
Order one and sleep in it. You will be satisfied. Trust us. 


           As more products related to arranging interior design we offer a complete hotel program including accessories suitable to all sorts of hotels, pensions, private pensions and hostels according to customers demands and wishes.
            Part of our offer are other materials, products and services related to interior design completion so that you can select from wide range of selection for the design of bedrooms, living rooms, children's rooms, kitchens, offices and others, all at one place. Look at our complete offer in the menu.
Feel free to contact us to experience the story of interior design with satisfied ending.
Thank you for your interest. 


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