Our company FORINEX Ltd. implements furnishing of buildings, houses, flats, hotels, offices, cafes, restaurants, including the supply of goods, materials, works and services. All including consultation, ideas, measurements, comparing samples, manufacturing desired products and the assembly.

More detailed specification of the services we provide:
- advice and comprehensive care in the selection of samples
- 3D visualization of rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and furniture
- production and supply of furniture: office, kitchen with specific dimensions, sliding wardrobes, living rooms, halls, bathrooms
- production of curtains and drapes, curtain rails, all provided from start to finish (ideas, measuring, manufacturing, assembly)
- production and furnishing of seating (chairs, armchairs, sofas, sofa beds with specific dimensions) to all areas of interior and exterior
- home furnishing, accessories, decorations
- painting and plastering of exterior and interior
- work with drywall, including insulation
- veneers, paving and floating floors, bathroom sets including furniture
- supply of plastic and aluminum windows and doors, including masonry, window sills, blinds, nets
- complete electrical work, including revisions
In case you are interested or you have any questions or requirements, please contact us at :

+421 915 950 773 or  +421 905 545 883


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