The effect of colors

Interior color and its impact on the brain:
Yellow - encourages optimism, brings a sense of harmony and relaxation
Orange - encourages joy, brings a feeling of pleasant warmth
Light green - increases the feeling of cold and humidity, enhances the perception of silence
Dark green - creates a feeling of esteem, promotes meditation, calms down
Red - a sense of energy, passion and excitement, evokes a sense of danger
Purple - brings a sense of dignity and grandeur
Violet - developing intensity, promotes individuality
Light purple - evokes melancholy and intoxicating
Brown - evokes respect, order, tradition
Grey - escalating sense of sorrow, humility, increasing unavailability
White - creates a feeling of cleanliness
Black - develops resistance, internal conflict, increases the feeling of loneliness


Colors also have an impact on our physical state:
White - promotes energy flow, improves the treatment of viral diseases
Black - helps suppress hiccups, improves concentration
Red - speeds up treatment after the accident, increases fertility
Orange - aids digestion, stimulates the pancreas and adrenal glands, reduces depression
Yellow - acts against arthritis, improves memory, reduces depression


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